Admission procedure

The Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (French National School of Fine Arts) provides advanced instruction within the framework of a 5-year course, combining the founding elements of artistic method with contemporary art issues.

In accordance with Beaux-Arts de Paris’ long-established educational principles, instruction is given in studios under the guidance of renowned artists. This studio practice is complemented by a wide range of theoretical and technical teaching that aims to provide students with a diversity of method. This instruction, allowing each student to draw on the resources appropriate to the development of an individual artistic approach, enables all students to apprehend the issues of contemporary art and the status of the artist today.

Admission to the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts is by competitive entrance (1,000 candidates for 80 admitted to the first year), with a minimum qualification requirement of the Baccalaureate and without age limit. 650 students attend Beaux Arts de Paris over 5 years, with foreign students making up 20% of this number and the teaching staff numbering 80.

Admission is by entrance assessment only.

The Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris does not participate in the "Parcours Sup" pre-admission procedure.

Candidates for admission may apply for entrance to the school a maximum of three times.

The cost for participation in the admission exams is fixed each year by ministerial decree: €52 and €26 for scholarship candidates for 2019.

Foreign national candidates are subject to the general admission regime. Prospective students are recommended to have a good knowledge of French; students' level of fluency will be assessed by the jury during the admission interview

There are two levels of admission:

• first year entry

• entry during the program of study

The entrance assessment is the same for all candidates and includes a portfolio eligibility assessment and, in the case of eligibility, an admission interview.

For applicants entering the first year, the admission interview is accompanied by a drawing assessment and a compulsory knowledge and analysis exam. Each exam/assessment is eliminatory. Candidates who fail to present themselves for any of them are deemed to have withdrawn their application.


First year entry

In order to apply, candidates must have a baccalaureate or equivalent qualification, or be eligible to meet this requirement by 1 October of the current year. In the absence of the required qualifications, candidates may attach a curriculum vitae to their file and a request for exemption, addressed to the Director.

Entry during the program of study

On the date of submission of their application, candidates must show evidence of successful completion of two years of graduate studies.

Failing this, candidates may apply for a derogation from the Director, provided that they are able to demonstrate at least twenty-four months of qualified professional experience.


The administrative registration application for admission must be completed online, on the school's website. Supporting documents should be uploaded to the registration platform.

At the end of the registration process, candidates are requested to download a summary of their application, to be attached to their portfolio.

After verification of registration by the school, candidates are convened to deposit their portfolios at the School.

NB: Applicants wishing to send their portfolio by post must ensure it is postmarked as Friday, 22 March at the latest. Applicants must meet their own shipping or delivery costs. We ask you to retain proof of postage in case of dispute. If delivery is delayed after 8 April, the application will be refused. The school will refund your registration fees upon presentation of proof of postage.

Incomplete and late applications will be systematically refused. Applications for which reception by the School entail additional formalities or fees will also be refused.


Candidates must submit a personal portfolio, to which they must attach their application summary. Portfolios are examined by a jury of teachers, which establishes the list of persons selected for the admission exams.

- Work must be packed in portfolios no larger than the 'grand aigle' format (French paper format, 75 x 110 cm).
- Works in large format or in volume must be presented in the form of photographic files. Animated images must be presented on USB key, DVDV-R or CD-R, in Quick Time or VLC format.
- Portfolios must not exceed a weight of 4 kg.
- Portfolios that do not comply with the format stipulated may be rejected.


First year entry

The assessment is organised into three sections:
• the drawing assessment;
• the knowledge and analysis exam consisting of a written commentary in which candidates must demonstrate both their capacity for interpretation and invention and their knowledge;
• presentation of a personal portfolio and an interview with the jury which will question candidates both on their work and their fields of interest.

The jury shall be the sole arbiter of admission decisions.

Entry during the program of study

• presentation of a personal portfolio and an interview with the jury which will question candidates both on their work and their fields of interest.

The jury shall be the sole arbiter of admission and shall determine the applicant's level of school admission and any Course Units (CUs) they are required to catch up on.