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New Amateur Academy (NABA) Last places!

Last places!

Drawing or painting from life models, from nature, watercolour, storyboard, ... treat yourself to courses at the Beaux-Arts de Paris with great artists and technicians.


Session 3 Spring from 14 March to 11 June 2022 - registration until 10 March 2022


Watercolour painting from a live model with Cécile Granier de Cassagnac, to approach the subject in a sensitive way, by developing a dreamlike and singular plastic vocabulary.


Painting from life models with Fabienne Oudart, acrylic, gouache and oil: learn to define shapes, materials and colours and to organise them in the space of the painting.


Drawing from a live model with Michel Gouery. With pencil, black stone, pen and wash, a practical and solid introduction to drawing in space the model and the objects that accompany it.


Drawing visits with Cécile Granier de Cassagnac on different themes: the garden space, nature and artifice, drawing exoticism...


Le récit esquissé, twelve sessions with Gaspard Laurent to travel through various atmospheres and think of the storyboard as an autonomous work. Collective edition printed at Beaux-Arts de Paris and given to each participant at the end of the session.