Supersonique Chair

Born in 1971, Vincent Rioux studied musical acoustics in France and Sweden. He carried out research on musical timbre and on the textual annotation of audiovisual recordings at French musical research institute, IRCAM.

Since 2010, he has headed up the Beaux-Arts de Paris Digital Pole. A sound artist, he sees the computer music environment as providing elements conducive to space-time improvisations. He is also interested in issues concerning net art and materiality in information societies. He has worked at Le Fresnoy, IRCAM, ENSCI and ENS. He contributes regularly to projects with researchers (notably anthropologists) from the CNRS. He is a member of the MILSON collective (for an anthropology of sound environments).


Depuis 2010 :
Pôle Numérique
Depuis 2020 :
Chaire Supersonique