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Lauréats Sèvres partenariat trophées JO 2024

JO 2024 Awards - Congratulations to the 6 winners!

With the Paris 2024 Olympic Games just around the corner, the Cité de la céramique - Sèvres et Limoges and Beaux-Arts de Paris are teaming up to create new trophies for France's Olympic and Paralympic gold medalists.


Congratulations to Ece BAL, Thomas BESSET, Sacha FLOCH POLIAKOFF, Samya MOINEAUD, Nassim SARNI and Domitille SIERGÉ, graduates of the School, whose original creations will be painted on vases in Blois.

Symbolically, echoing the Olympic flame, these vases will be fired in one of the nineteenth-century wood-fired kilns, renovated for the occasion. This exceptional firing will take place in March 2024 over a period of thirty-three hours, at a temperature approaching 1300°C.


Ece Bal, Thomas Besset, Sacha Floch Poliakoff, Samya Moineaud, Nassim Sarni and Domitille Siergé will have the opportunity to bring their project to fruition at Sèvres, with the help of craftsmen in a process of passing on know-how. The vases will be presented to the French gold medalists of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


This collaboration is part of the partnership between the Cité de la céramique - Sèvres et Limoges and Beaux-Arts de Paris.