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Study trips and projects


As part of its internationalization strategy, Beaux-Arts de Paris supports every year the organization of study trips for its students. The goal of a study trip is to enrich and expand the students’ artistic practice, so the trips need to be developed around a precise and clear educational project, consistent with the destination and length of the stay.


The trips are supervised by at least one professor (studio professor, theory teacher, technique instructor, drawing teacher). The professors are invited, if they wish, to apply with a joint project gathering students from several studios.


The trips contribute, when possible, to strengthen the exchanges with partner schools or other academic and cultural institutions abroad. On-site workshops or exhibitions can be planned with local artistic institutions and actors in order to share with different publics the know-how and singularity of Beaux-Arts de Paris and its students.


In 2022, 9 study trips were organized (including 4 reports from 2020 due to covid-19) and roughly 70 students traveled to Italy, Germany, Greece, Kosovo, Egypt, Togo and Brazil.


Some examples of study trips reports:


Each year, Beaux-Arts de Paris implements international educational projects with various partners and submits applications for different call for entries, consistent with its development strategy.  


Since 2015, Beaux-Arts de Paris deepened its cooperation with Tokyo University of the Arts by taking part in the program “Global Art Joint Practice”. This research program focuses on multidisciplinarity and the societal dimension of art. Every year brings a new topic and a group of around 20 students from both Paris and Tokyo takes part in this intensive training over several workshops and a final joint performance/exhibition, led by a studio professor on the Beaux-Arts de Paris side.


Since it was created, the program was supported by several partners and patrons: Bourjois, Domaine national de Chambord, Carmignac Foundation, Institut français, Lefranc-Bourgeois, Lupicia.


In 2021-22, Beaux-Arts de Paris participated to Eurofabrique à the Grand Palais Éphémère, which gathered 400 students from art schools all over France and Europe to create collective exhibitions. The School was also selected for the ES-Balk project, supported by the French Ministry of Europe and international affairs, which aims at expanding and promoting higher education cooperation in the Western Balkan countries.