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Preparatory class

Download the application form 2021-2022 (FR)

Admissions 2021-2022

  1. How to apply
  2. Composition of the application file
  3. Composition of the artistic file
  4. Application Calendar

For more information on the preparatory class:


Entrance to the Via Ferrata preparatory class is by competition. To apply, candidates must be between 17 and 23 years old on September 1st of the current year and hold the baccalaureate or equivalent diploma at the time of final registration.


For candidates who do not hold the baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma, or who are not enrolled in the final year of secondary school in the year preceding entry into the preparatory class, the director may grant an exemption, after consulting an advisory commission, whose composition and operating procedures he determines. Please enclose a handwritten letter with your application form, marked "request for exemption", addressed to the Director of Fine Arts of Paris, in which you will explain the reasons for this request. 


Applicants who speak a foreign language must be able to follow the preparatory class courses, which are given only in French. This level of mastery of the French language will be evaluated during the admission interviews. It is not necessary to attach a document attesting to the TEFL level or equivalent in the application file.

1. How to apply

Registration to PARCOURSUP is not required to apply to VIA FERRATA.


Due to the health crisis, the modalities and schedule of via ferrata admissions are subject to change, we thank applicants to be attentive to the announcements we may publish on our website:


Candidates must submit or send a complete application file (administrative file + artistic file) following the procedure and calendar.  


Files exceeding the format indicated will not be accepted. Incomplete applications or applications sent after the deadline will not be considered. (Postmark as proof).


After a first examination of the files by a jury, the selected students will be called for an individual interview. The list of students admitted to the preparatory class is communicated at the end of these interviews. The physical presence of the candidates at the admission interviews is mandatory: no interviews will be conducted by video-conference.  


Candidates must submit their complete application file (administrative file + artistic file) to the school's admissions office - open from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm - according to the schedule below, or send it by regular mail or colissimo delivery without signature, to the following address


VIA FERRATA preparatory class competition - Paris School of Fine Arts
14 rue Bonaparte. 75006 Paris


2. Composition of the application file

The application file must include :

  • an artistic file.

The following administrative documents:

  • a handwritten motivation letter, of a maximum of two pages. 
  • this letter -of great importance for the jury- will explain your background, your desires, your singularities, your motivations to integrate via ferrata, to pursue your studies in the field of artistic creation, the artists whose work interests you and any element that could enlighten your application. 
  • a printed and duly completed information sheet (first two pages) downloadable from the Beaux-Arts de Paris website.
  • a photocopy of an identity document (national identity card or passport).
  • a photocopy of the last diploma obtained (if bachelor's degree).
  • a photocopy of the notification of the 2020-2021 scholarship if applicable (documents and information on the PARCOURSUP website and on the CROUS website).
  • a cheque in the amount of 26 €, made out to "ENSBA accountant". This cheque corresponds to the participation fee for the admission tests. The name and surname of the candidate must be written legibly in pencil on the back of the cheque. 
  • for candidates who cannot send a cheque, please make a request for the school's RIB to the following email address:, and send your payment by bank transfer.
  • an envelope made out to the candidate's postal address allowing the forwarding of the artistic file. WARNING: This envelope must be of an adequate size and with sufficient postage to allow the resending of the artistic file. Files that do not include this return envelope, and therefore cannot be returned to the candidates, will be destroyed.

These administrative documents - excluding the return envelope and cheque - will be stapled together, with the information sheet (2 first pages) on top.

3. Composition of the artistic file

  • The artistic file consists of a maximum of 10 items.
  • The artistic file is made up of personal works.
    The mediums (drawing, photographs, volumes, videos, etc.) are free.
    These works can be originals and/or photocopies-printings-scans of these works. 
    The fact of putting only photocopies-impressions-scans is not penalizing.
  • The elements contained in the artistic file will not exceed the A3 format (42 x 29,7cm).
    The works in volume or exceeding this format will be shown in photographic form.
  • Sketchbooks, artistic editions, series of works on the same theme/idea, will be counted as one element only.
  • Moving images and digital images are presented on a USB key.
  • All of the works presented must be grouped together in a single, easily manipulated folder.

IMPORTANT: The artistic file must, as much as possible, reflect the candidate's technical abilities, but also his/her motivation, creativity, personality, and what animates and inspires him/her.


NB: The return of the artistic file by the School requires an envelope of an adequate size, with sufficient postage and labeled with the name and address of the candidate. This envelope must be attached to the application form. Applications that do not include this envelope, and which cannot be returned to the candidates, will be destroyed.

4. Application Calendar :

Due to the health crisis, the modalities and schedule of via ferrata admissions are subject to change, we thank candidates to be attentive to the announcements we may publish on our website:


Applications (artistic and administrative files) can be submitted at the school reception desk, from 2 to 5 p.m., 14, rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris. 
Thursday, March 25 and Friday, March 26, 2021. 


Or sent by post by simple mail or by colissimo in delivery without signature (postmark as proof), 
no later than Friday, March 26, 2021,
at the following address:
VIA FERRATA Preparatory Class Competition 
Paris School of Fine Arts
14, rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris


Publication of pre-selection results on the School's website and sending of invitations to individual interviews by email. 
Friday, May 7, 2021.


Individual interviews with the jury for eligible candidates  
Tuesday 25, Wednesday 26, Thursday 27 and Friday 28 May 2021.


Publication of the results of final admissions to the VIA FERRATA preparatory class 
Friday, June 11, 2021.


Download the application form 2021-2022 (FR)