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Students are assessed in the courses in which they are enrolled, and it is their responsibility to update their enrolments with the Registrar's Office.


All UE (unités d’enseignements) are assessed on a half-yearly basis.


The assessment methods used for each unit largely take into account course attendance and most often include continuous assessment.


Exchange students are subject to the same assessment requirements.


Assessment of artistic practice in the studio changes throughout the course.


Details are given in the course descriptions (UE Atelier 1, 2, 4).


The theoretical UEs are assessed by a 4-hour dissertation at the end of the semester, followed by an oral presentation.


A make-up examination session for the theoretical teaching units may be held in September. Prior registration for this examination session must be made with the Registrar's Office.


The "Research Seminar 1" unit is validated by the submission of a research paper, approved by the teacher in charge of the seminar chosen by the student.


The 'Research Seminar 2' course is validated by the writing and defence of a dissertation, supervised by the person in charge of the seminar chosen by the student, assisted, where appropriate, by another professor with expertise in the student's field of research.