Starting in 3rd year and continuing for one year after graduating from the DNSAP program, each student benefits from a career support program sponsored by Sisley. Under the name "Via Futura", and in conjunction with various professional players, this program comprises a number of activities:

Friendly get-togethers

Creation of a "Café-atelier", designed as a regular, convivial group meeting (10 workshops per year). It brings together students from two or three workshops for a presentation of professionalization topics with the workshop leaders.


An essential tool for artists to present themselves to any interlocutor, assistance in the creation of a portfolio (visuals and texts including biography, CV, critical texts, works and exhibitions) is reinforced during the training of 2nd cycle students.


An annual presentation of the work of 4th and 5th year student volunteers in the Cour vitrée, for art professionals (curators, critics, galleries, etc.) by appointment over a ten-day period in February. To help students in this exercise, two or three renowned curators are hired to accompany them in the presentation of their work.

Thematic workshops

5th-year students and recent graduates are offered a dozen thematic workshops, each lasting 1h30. These workshops provide an opportunity to tackle a particular subject, in a way that combines presentation and discussion. Topics covered include: "Artists' studios", "Residencies", "Drawing up a provisional budget", "Change of status: moving house, tax system (from micro BNC to BNC)", setting up an artists' collective, etc.

Individualized support

Each student benefits from a one-to-one meeting with a qualified professional to help with any issues arising during the course (creation of a SIRET number, change of tax regime, tax and social declarations, relations with the CAF, Pôle Emploi, etc.). It is also open to young artists who have graduated this year, to answer any new questions they may have. Other meetings will focus on prospecting, assistance in putting together dossiers, communication, finding subsidies, etc. 


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