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Undergraduate degree (1st cycle)

This degree includes an examination of the student's educational file, the presentation of a selection of significant artistic works from their three years of study and an interview with the jury. The degree jury is made up of a Beaux-Arts de Paris teacher and two external examiners. Admission to the fourth year is conditional upon obtaining the undergraduate degree.

Diplôme national supérieur d’arts plastiques (Dnsap - masters equivalent)

The Dnsap is registered in the Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles (National Directory of Professional Certifications) at Level I by decree of 23 February 2007. Students holding the Dnsap may present themselves for the following competitive exams: the Capes, the Capet and the Agrégation. The Dnsap jury is made up of four external examiners appointed by the director of the school. The Dnsap can be obtained with congratulations of the jury, awarded either by majority or unanimously.


In the event that a student is not awarded the Dnsap, they may resit the assessment once, within a maximum period of one year, subject to not exceeding six years of study at the school.


Post-diploma year

The post-diploma year, after obtaining the Dnsap, is designed to be a year of transition between the end of studies and entry into professional life. All post-diploma students are invited to follow the ‘Professional life’ section in the cultural programme. They are also recommended to follow professional internships. Post- diploma students may not join an artist’s studio or follow technical skills teaching. They continue to have access to theoretical courses and to the library, subject to availability.


All registration requests must be addressed to the Dean of studies before the start of the academic year.


The post-diploma year must be taken in the year following graduation.


Head photo: © Adrien Thibault