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Artists & Exhibition-related practices

Open to Beaux-Arts de Paris students who have completed a 2nd or 3rd year and to external students who already hold a Bac+2 in an art school or university, the "Artists & Exhibition-related practices" program brings together some fifteen students to train them in management, scenography, mediation and all professions related to the presentation and dissemination of art.


The program offers a natural extension of artistic practices from the studio to exhibition spaces. It also intends to constitute a platform for exchange and to encourage the emergence of critical views on the world through the creation of non-linear and speculative narratives and projects.


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La Résidence

Open to young curators, artists or post-master's researchers, the curatorial program La Résidence proposes to bring together three residents to develop a common collective project, elaborated with the fifteen or so students participating in the "Artists & Exhibition-related practices" program. By working in close collaboration with a variety of people (curators, artists, social science researchers, civil society actors, scenographers, curators, production managers, etc.), this one-year residency at Beaux-Arts de Paris aims to maintain working groups that are committed to the exchange of know-how and collective reflection.

Thus, the numerous workshops and the realization of a large exhibition project will make it possible to question and to develop what is created around the artistic practice, from the preliminary research to its forms of mediation and documentation, while passing by the necessary accompaniment to its production.


La Residence is supported by Pernod Ricard Foundation

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Fresco and art in situation

From the most innovative to the most traditional techniques, from parietal art to urbex, from a fresco to in situ, from public commissions to urban art, the "Fresco & Situ Art" program offers students a diversified exploration of the challenges of an art that belongs squarely in the public space. The training is irrigated by the artistic, technical, legal and financial questions raised by situational art, but also by the anchoring in art history and the theoretical issues raised by this practice.


Housed in the Fresco studio at the heart of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés site and linked to the numerous resources of the School and its collections, the "Fresco & Situated Art" program covers a broad spectrum of techniques (fresco/mural painting, installation, sculpture, projection, mapping, etc.) for an art form that is in dialogue with multiple situations, investing vast surfaces and volumes, both indoors and outdoors. Artistic interventions in the most varied contexts (whether heritage, natural, urban, in territories undergoing strong social tension or transformation) are at the heart of this teaching.


The program, a professional training program, allows students to work in a privileged way with artists working in situ and with outside contributors with specific and diverse expertise. It offers theoretical and practical training while supervising commissioned projects carried out by partners (2 to 3 projects per year).


The "Fresco & Situated Art" program is supported by the Gecina Foundation, the City of Fontainebleau, the Compagnie de Phalsbourg, L'apes - Groupe Action Logement, RM Yachts and Vedettes de Paris


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