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First year entry

Results of 1st year admissions outside parcoursup

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Parcoursup 2024/25 procedure

Registrations for the entrance exam to the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris for 2024/25 are made directly on the Parcoursup platform and according to the set timetable.

Parcoursup Calendar
Registrations between January 17 and March 14, 2024. Candidates for entry into the first year place the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris in their wishes.

  • Wednesday January 17: opening of the Parcoursup platform and formulation of wishes (10 wishes maximum)
  • Thursday March 14: deadline for expressing wishes
  • Wednesday April 3: confirmation of wishes
  • Thursday May 30: start of the main admission phase

Candidates holding or preparing for a French baccalaureate or an equivalent qualification are authorized to register.
Foreign students are also affected by this procedure.
For foreign candidates, level B2 in French is strongly recommended.

Entrance exam schedule
The selection takes place in several stages:
1 - An eligibility step

Online submission of the draft application on the OASIS platform between April 15 and 17, 2024. The draft application includes:

  • A letter of intent in PDF format of approximately 2000 characters.
  • It must make it possible to assess the candidate's desire to integrate a National School of Art while describing his artistic training project and his intention to adhere to the specific functioning of the Beaux-Arts of Paris (knowledge of the specificities and particularities of establishment).
  • An artistic file in PDF format of 10 MB maximum and/or two videos in MP4 format (reading time limited to 2 minutes)

Eligible candidates will receive by email on April 26 an invitation to make an appointment for the admission stage on OASIS
Amount of competition fees: 53 euros payable only online on Parcoursup.
Please note: exemption from competition fees for scholarship holders and students with refugee status (supporting documents required).
Competition fees are not refundable in the event of non-eligibility, non-admission, withdrawal or for any file that does not meet the eligibility conditions.

2 - An admission stage in two phases over two days
Please note, the admission stage is face-to-face. (You will have to take the various exams on site).
Between May 13 and 17, 2024
First phase (over one day) on the Beaux-Arts de Paris site

  • Examination of the artistic file
    The file is made up of a selection of your productions (original works or reproductions, at your convenience). The file must be presented in a single, easily handled batch with the following constraints:
    maximum grape size (50x65), weight not exceeding 5 kg, easily unpacked and stored.
    The productions must be identified (Be sure to indicate your name or candidate number on the electronic files on the USB keys)
    Digital productions must be readable on both Mac and PC.
  • Drawing test duration 2 hours
  • Theoretical test duration 1 hour

You will be informed at the end of the day if you are selected for the second phase which will take place the next day.

Second phase
Oral interview of 15 minutes maximum

Photo : Adrien Thibault