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Fourth-year students at Beaux-Arts de Paris have the opportunity to carry out a mobility abroad as part of their curriculum, over an academic semester. This mobility can either be:

  • a study exchange
  • a professional internship
  • an “off-track” project in a non-artistic environment

Study semester and off-track projects are carried out through exchange agreements between Beaux-Arts de Paris and its partners in Europe (including Erasmus+ agreements) and outside Europe. Internships abroad are the initiative of the students themselves.

Our partners (FR)

Students are selected for a semester abroad during the third year of studies. Registration to a language course is strongly recommended to prepare the mobility.
A presentation is planned each November for the third-year students to detail the different types of mobility, the partners, and the application process.
Applications need to be sent to the international office by the end of January of the third year. A jury meets in February to review the applications and decide on the mobilities for the next academic year, and the grants associated to them.

Only students who have successfully passed their third-year diploma and registered into the fourth year will be able to carry out the mobility for which they were selected.

Beaux-Arts de Paris has signed the Erasmus+ Charter and take part in the Erasmus+ program which supports the mobility of students, teachers and administrative staff in Europe. This program also provide additional support for participants with special needs.

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A mobility grant is awarded to each outgoing student preselected by the School, according to a scale based on the country of mobility, and depending on the budget availability. The funding of this grant is composed of either Erasmus+ or Beaux-Arts de Paris funds. Besides this initial grant, and according to the other subventions received by the School from various public and private institutions, students can apply for additional grants.

In 2022-23, student mobility at Beaux-Arts de Paris is supported by the Erasmus+ program from the European Commission, the Ministry of Culture, the Ile-de-France region, the French-German Office for Youth, the Malatier-Jacquet Foundation, and the Zao Wou-Ki Foundation.

Funding being limited, students who wish to benefit from a grant or an additional grant for their mobility abroad in fourth year must apply for it during the call for applications in third year.

If a student abandons their mobility, the grant(s) received must be fully reimbursed, or partially reimbursed proportionally to the time spent abroad at the receiving institution.

The School reminds students that grants are not a right but a gesture to help fund their mobility abroad. In no way are grants supposed to cover in their entirety of the expenses related to the mobility abroad.

According to the destination, other grants can be applied for: government scholarships, private foundations, specific grant at the host institution… Students are encouraged to inquire themselves about other grants available to them; the international office will support them in their application.

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