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Preparatory class

VIA FERRATA, the integrated preparatory class at Beaux-Arts de Paris, doubles its enrollment in September 2021 and welcomes 50 new students.  


This public preparatory class prepares students from socially, geographically and culturally diverse backgrounds for the examinations and entrance exams to higher art schools (95% success rate).


Practical and theoretical training, and personalized pedagogical support.  


From September to June, with 35 hours of weekly classes, this demanding training immerses students in a dense artistic environment, designed to allow them to discover art, its practice and its history. They are invited to refine their study projects, their orientations, their motivations and to acquire the means to make them concrete by experimenting with a wide range of techniques. 
The teaching includes classes and moments of artistic creation in a vast space dedicated to students in Saint-Ouen and theoretical and practical lectures on the Paris site.


In addition to the formal teaching (art history, drawing), most of the interactions with the students are individualized, specific, and adapted to the students' desires and problems. 


Numerous cultural visits are offered to students in museums, galleries, art centers, artists' studios and production sites, and students regularly meet with professionals from the world of art and creation. Throughout the year, students are offered a personalized follow-up, punctuated by presentations of their work, in order to evaluate their approach and prepare them for the oral exams. The teaching program includes practical courses oriented towards the realization of artistic files in view of the competitions.


Equal opportunities
Via Ferrata is part of the "Equal Opportunity in Art Schools" program of the Culture and Diversity Foundation, which aims to inform young people from modest backgrounds about higher cultural and artistic studies. Each year, through the Foundation, information about Via Ferrata is sent to more than 200 partner high schools classified as REP+ in the Île de France.



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Head photo: © Hugo Aymar