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Beaux-Arts de Paris publishes exhibition catalogues, illustrated books and guides on its history and collections. These publications reflect the school's exhibition and studio activity and offer a reflection on the history of art, aesthetics and modern and contemporary art. They include:

  • the ‘Écrits d’artistes’, which present anthologies of texts, poems and interviews from 20th and 21st century artists.
  • the ‘D'art en questions’, offering critical perspectives on contemporary art and aesthetics. 
  • the ‘NB’, which are in paperback and provide art history and criticism essentials. 
  • the ‘Carnets d’études’, which present the Cabinet de dessins Jean Bonna exhibition catalogues and provide an opportunity to discover the exceptional Beaux-Arts de Paris collection of drawings. 
  • the ‘Trésors de la Bibliothèque’, which give users a window onto the old Beaux-Art de Paris library collections.
  • the ‘Albums à colorier’ (colouring books) are veritable creations produced by the studio artists
  • the ‘Gratitudes’ (nb), a first collection of paperback monographs on the work of contemporary artists.


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