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Guide de la Chapelle

This book traces the fascinating history of the Chapelle des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

It was Queen Margot who had it built, and work began in 1608.
Later, with Alexandre Lenoir, it became the Museum of French Monuments (1795-1816).


Finally, it housed copies of sculpted or painted works within the School. This historical presentation is followed by a catalogue of the works and copies of works currently exhibited in the chapel. It is designed as a tour from left to right, with detailed photographs of the vestibule, the bays, the back wall and the Praise Chapel.


Each work is described and photographed, and comments provide the visitor with keys to interpretation, both historical and aesthetic. This richly illustrated book offers both a historical presentation and a guide to help visitors discover this monument.


ISBN : 978 2 84056 831 5
15 €
260 pages
125 x 200 mm