Herodotus Program

The Beaux-arts de Paris continues its commitment to refugee artists or asylum seekers who have undertaken or completed a higher education in art in their country of origin. 
This year, with the war in Ukraine, the Herodotus program has increased its capacity while maintaining a requirement of diversity, with a majority of artists from Ukraine but also from Syria, India and Russia.

The Herodote programme becomes a school diploma.

The class of 2023-2024 is made up of 11 participants. Pupils now have student status, art history classes in English, weekly supervision by two student tutors responsible for helping to design portfolios and organising cultural outings and, as in previous years, classes in French as a foreign language and access to certain theory courses. The Herodotus programme is run by the Beaux-Arts de Paris studies department, under the responsibility of Sophie Marino.


Fabrice Arvine
Véronique Teyssandier

Call for applications to the Herodote programme

Herodotus benefits from the financial support of the Friends of the Beaux-Arts of Paris