Social security insurance

If you are from the EU, you remain affiliated to the health insurance scheme in your home country and must request a European Health Insurance Card from your home country, valid for the duration of your exchange, or the provisional S1 form.

If you are not an EU national, you must obtain health insurance in your home country, valid for the duration of your exchange.


The health insurance centre chosen by the student during registration will proceed with social allowances.

Complementary health insurance (Mutuelles)

To complement their standard student health insurance, students choose between two complementary health insurance programs: the LMDE (La Mutuelle des étudiants) or the SMEREP (Société mutualiste des étudiants de la région parisienne). Students are required to obtain compulsory Assurance responsabilité civile (civil liability insurance) coverage for the full school year (October 1st to September 30th of the following year). Information on coverage offered by these programs is provided with your registration file.

Preventive medicine

Consultations with psychologists are available to the student body for two days each month (Tuesday and Thursday) between October and June. Students can access these consultations free of charge on appointment and without appointment. Appointments are made directly with the psychologists.

  • Madame Malleville (Tuesday): + 33 (0) 6 12 67 09 62
  • Monsieur D’Annibale (Thursday): +33 (0) 6 63 43 59 69

The Saints-Pères University Centre for Preventive Medicine is a prevention and care centre located near the School. It offers consultations by appointment. The care offered includes the services of general practitioners (consultations and standard care, sports fitness certificates, vaccination updates, etc.) and specialist doctors (gynaecologists, psychologists/psychiatrists, dentists, tobacco specialists, nutritionists and hearing experts). Students from abroad have access to all care (languages spoken: English, German, Italian, Arabic, Chinese).

Address: 45, rue des Saints-Pères, 75006 Paris. Porte T145 (1st floor)

Phone: +33 (0)1 42 86 21 29.

To make an appointment or for any further information, consult the website:

1st year students are required to make an appointment in this care center.

Civil liability

Every student must provide a public liability insurance for the whole school year at the time of registration.

In most cases, housing insurances also ensure civil liability. If not, students can subscribe a specific insurance to one of the complementary student health insurances.

Harassment monitoring unit 

A monitoring unit has been set up to listen to and support people who are victims of harassment or discrimination within the school. The unit is made up of seven members including two teachers, two members of administrative staff, two students and the equality and discrimination prevention representative. The unit receives and deals with accounts or reports and offers victims an interview with at least two members of the unit. It drafts a response to each report and sends it to the School management. The unit is informed of any follow-up to reports, in particular when a disciplinary sanction is pronounced by the institution or legal proceedings are undertaken.

For any further information

Psychological support

A psychological support unit is opened for students between October and June, two days a month (a Tuesday and a Thursday). Students can access free consultations by or without appointment.

Appointments are scheduled directly with the psychologists:

  • Mrs Malleville (Tuesday): 06 12 67 09 62
  • Mr D’Annibale (Thursday): 06 63 43 59 69

Students with disabilities

Students with disabilities can benefit from individual support all along their studies at the School. Please contact the scolarity office, at the beginning of the academic year ( 
A meeting with the preventive health services will be recommended to define the type of support you can benefit from :  

  • Organization : flexible schedule, more time for exams, extended loan period at the library, specific curriculum design, etc.
  • Technical/material support : loan of a computer with specific softwares, disability-friendly tablet …

For more information: