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Our partners (FR)


Beaux-Arts de Paris offers a curriculum with a strong international emphasis. The diversity and quality of its partners abroad, among which are the best institutions of higher artistic education, allow the students to benefit from a wide range of courses and experiences abroad: study trips, workshops, exhibitions, teaching exchanges, artist residencies, etc.


This international component throughout the curriculum is reinforced during the second cycle of studies with the support to individual student mobility projects. Fourth-year students have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad, either to study in a prestigious or atypical art school, to carry out a professional internship, or for a specific “off-track” project, where the student is immersed in a non-artistic environment. 


Since it was founded, the School has always welcomed international students, which make up 25% of its headcount, and combines therefore the excellence of French artistic teaching with an intercultural environment, strengthened by mandatory language courses (English, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, French as a foreign language).


Key pillar of its international action, the School has renewed its participation to the Erasmus+ program and received the accreditation for 7 years, which is the whole length of the 2021-27 Erasmus+ program.


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To expand its action and reputation abroad, brainstorm on and develop new projects, or exchange best practices, Beaux-Arts de Paris joined several international networks in art education, such as ELIA or Shared Campus


Among the French networks to which the School takes part in, the international office is active in the working groups focused on international topics, for example within ANdEA (the French National Association of Art Schools) or PSL (consortium Paris Science & Lettres).

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Beaux-Arts de Paris focuses on creating or renewing partnerships with art schools all around the world, thus allowing students to discover new academic and artistic settings, which they could not access in France.


In addition to partnerships targeted for study abroad semesters, Beaux-Arts de Paris strives to offer new forms of mobility to its students through innovating partnerships with institutions outside the traditional artistic framework (Off-Track program).



Our partners (FR)