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Documents modernistes

From the ‘D'art en questions’ series, translated from English by Florence Nevoltry

Fredric Jameson, who is best-known for Postmodernism or The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism, sets his acute, dynamic mind to work on 20th and 21st century modernist literature in a tour de force of analysis and criticism.

In Documents modernistes, The Modernist Papers, Jameson examines the work of Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Mallarmé, Kafka, Céline, Joyce, Proust, Yeats, Thomas Mann etc. He explores the peculiarities of North American literature with Wallace Stevens and William Carlos Williams, and examines Gertrude Stein’s linguistic theories. He also writes on his fascination with the Quebec novelist Hubert Aquin’s spy novel Next Episode. Refusing to see modernism simply as a Western phenomenon, he also takes a close interest in its expression in Japan, with Natsume Sozeki and Kenzaburo Oe. Equally, he goes into the field of painting, writing on Cézanne and de Kooning. Finally, through Peter Weiss’s novel, The Aesthetics of Resistance, he studies the complexities of the representation of politics in the 20th century.


ISBN: 978-2-84056-441-6
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592 pages