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From the group Bazooka in the late 1970s, where she learned silkscreen printing (in particular from Olivia Clavel, Kiki Picasso and Loulou Picasso), to the fashion collections she designed for Agnès B, Dominique Fury was one of the icons of the punk pop movement of the '80s. Nicknamed the Queen of the Underground, she was one of the figures of the Parisian nightlife scene alongside journalist Alain Pacadis, and was also close to philosophers Deleuze and Guattari.


Since the 1990s, she has pursued her creative work in painting, screen-printing, design and fashion. She has produced series of works in collaboration with artists such as Jacques Monory, Philippe Waty, Hondo, Jérôme Ménager, Nemo, Chanoir and Chuck One.


This book is the first comprehensive monograph devoted to her. It reproduces a large number of works in full color, as well as archive photos that allow us to relive an entire era. Short descriptive texts and captions accompany each series. This book also bears witness to a premonitory commitment. Fury's reflection on the contribution of the collective, exchange and solidarity.



Texts by Clara Daquin, François Michaud and Pascale Le Thorel. Texts in French and English. Supported by Adagp and Fonds de dotation agnes b.


Format: 20 x 24 cm
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978-2-84056 8704
261 pages
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