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Réflexion sur la couleur

Dedicated to the work of the famous Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, this reprint in French of Reflexión sobre el color, published in Spanish in 1989 by the Juan March Foundation, offers an overview of the work of one of the most important artists in Latin America. Known for his research within the kinetic movement, his experiments have influenced ideas about color. 


This book includes a section where Cruz Diez's thought is inscribed in the theoretical corpus on color that goes from Newton to Young or Maxwel, from Goethe to Kandinsky or Paul Klee present for example in almost twenty works made since 1954 as well as a documentary section with photographs, and examples of the artistic procedures used by the artist. 


The Venezuelan artist described color as "not only the color of things or the color of forms [but rather] an evolving situation, a reality that acts on man with the same intensity as cold, heat or sound. Thus he presents color as an experience in itself - a pure light phenomenon that can be perceived without interpretation or pre-existing cultural knowledge. By projecting color into space, the artist explores the sensory possibilities of direct interaction with the viewer.
The viewer, instead of passively looking at a work of art, becomes a participant in a phenomenological event.


Carlos Cruz-Diez is identified in Venezuela as one of the modernist masters of that country along with artists Jesús Rafael Soto and Alejandro Otero. In Europe, his name became synonymous in the 1960s with the exploration of the kinetic potential of color. Born in Caracas in 1923, Cruz-Diez studied at the School of Applied Arts and Plastic Arts. In 1954, created manipulable wall projects that changed with the movement of the sun, creating shadows and animating flat surfaces with radiant light reflections.


ISBN : 9782840568148
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