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This book offers, for the first time in French, a collection of texts by the artist Daniel Spoerri, a founding member of the New Realists. It gives an account of the richness and diversity of his practice, large parts of which remain unknown.


Beginning his artistic career as a dancer, Daniel Spoerri became interested in staging, concrete poetry, created magazines and became an exhibition curator. His plastic work evolved in resonance with the notions of chance, narrative, feeling and anecdote. In the texts presented in a chrono-thematic way appears its course, in catch with major movements of the period as Fluxus, the Pop Art and the Mail Art, the New Realism and in dialogue with very diverse artists, among others Joseph Beuys, Roland Topor and Robert Filliou.


This anthology reveals Daniel Spoerri's qualities as a writer and storyteller - his mania for anecdotes constitutes a veritable artistic program - as well as an era and an international network of friends where creation is above all a matter of sharing. This opus completes the corpus devoted to the New Realists with two artists' writings: Yves Klein, François Dufrêne.


ISBN: 9782840565192

Price: €20

140 x 205 mm

200 pages

April 2021