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Nouvelle Académie des Amateurs (NABA) stages d’avril

New Amateur Academy (NABA) April workshops

Bring out your artistic talents !


Initiate yourself in drawing, painting or ceramics for a week in April with artist-teachers who are graduates of the Beaux-Arts de Paris.

Beginners or initiated, these workshops allow you to develop your creative sense, according to an approach adapted to your personality and your sensitivity, on the emblematic sites of the School.


One-week workshops from Monday, April 25 to Saturday, April 30

From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. over 5 days

All levels, ages 16 and up


CANCELLED - Ceramics (Saint-Ouen site) with Madeleine Calafell
Through clay modeling and clay glazing, create a series of small-scale sculptures and assimilate the various ceramic steps and processes.


Live Model Drawing with Sylvie Fajfrowska
. Tackle several techniques (graphite, charcoal, pastel, wash...) and develop your drawing with your personal artistic qualities.


Life Model Drawing, Morphology with Michael Jourdet
. Sharpen your eye and develop a knowledge of the body and its morphology through your personal writing.



Living Model Painting with François Mendras
In oil or acrylic, learn the rigorous basics of painting and develop a personal body of work.