Vincent Rioux studied musical acoustics in France and Sweden. He conducted research on musical timbre and textual annotation of audiovisual recordings at IRCAM. Seeing in computer music a subject and an environment conducive to spatio-temporal improvisations, he practices live-coding as soon as possible. He is interested in issues of media theory and in particular materiality and ecological thinking in information societies. He develops a working technique and a pedagogy focused on so-called “free” programming environments and languages (Linux, Processing, Libcinder, Arduino, Common-Lisp, c/c++, Supercollider).

He has spoken at Fresnoy, IRCAM, ENSCI, ENS, Parsons School Paris, Robert-Schumann-Hochschule Düsseldorf, EDEHA Sierre Suisse, ESADSE St-Etienne . He is a member of the MILSON collective (for an anthropology of sound environments).