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5 artistes du programme Herodote exposent au Palais de Tokyo

5 artists from the Herodote programme exhibit at the Palais de Tokyo

Ali Arkady, Nge Lay, Randa Maddah, May Murad and Misha Zavalniy 
Five artists to be discovered at the group exhibition "Dislocations" at the Palais de Tokyo. 
Ali ARKADY, Iraqi photojournalist and artist completed the Herodote programme in 2018, and then joined the School from which he graduated in 2022. 
Nge LAY, a contemporary Burmese artist, completed the Hérodote programme in 2022 and is a student at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. 
Randa MADDAH, a Syrian artist from the occupied Golan Heights, completed the Herodote programme in 2018. She will graduate from the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2020, 
May MURAD, a Palestinian visual artist, completed the Hérodote programme in 2019. 
Misha ZAVALNIY, an Asnier artist of Ukrainian origin, has completed the Hérodote programme and is a student at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. A graphic designer, he works using engraving and lithography techniques, and is also a photographer. 
These artists have completed the Hérodote programme set up by the Beaux-Arts de Paris. Conducted by the Beaux-Arts de Paris studies department, under the responsibility of Sophie Marino. Hérodote is a scheme to help refugee artists or asylum seekers who have undertaken or completed higher art education in their country of origin to return to their studies. Find out more about Hérodote  

The Dislocations exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo brings together fifteen artists of different generations and origins (Afghanistan, France, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar, Palestine, Syria, Ukraine) whose work is marked or informed by the experience of exile, of being torn between here and elsewhere, between past and present. Their practices combine ancestral know-how and contemporary technologies, humble gestures and poor materials. The aim is to pay homage to the vital necessity and intensity of artistic creation through fragmented narratives that combine displacement, imprisonment and war with resilience and reparation. More about Dislocations

Visual: Bissane Al Charif, "Pianola" series, mixed media on paper, 28 x 38 cm, 2022-2023 Courtesy of the artist. Collection Claude et France Lemand (Paris). Photo credit: Tamam Alomar