The 71st edition of Jeune Création will be held in June 2021 in the space of the Chaufferie in Romainville, in the Fiminco Foundation.

The selection commission is composed of a majority of volunteer artists and a guest personality, for the third consecutive year. Each member of the jury consulted and voted on all the applications - this year 1550 - and the final deliberations between the members of the commission took place from October 30 to November 4, 2019 in the Val-d'Oise, in Piscop.

For the 71st edition of Jeune Création, the selection commission was composed of 8 artists from previous editions: Maria Alcaide, Andrés Baron, Linda Branco, Sophie Monjaret, Nico Müller, Camille Trapier, Samuel Trenquier and Camille Santacreu; and a guest personality, Nathalie Desmet.

Some figures

46 artists: 21 women and 25 men were selected among the 1550 applications received.

The youngest artists were born in 1994 and the oldest in 1980.

12 foreign nationalities are represented: England, Armenia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Spain, the United States, Ireland, Italy, Morocco and Portugal.

Artists of the Beaux-Arts de Paris are selected:
Camille Benarab-Lopez diplômée 2018
Charles Cadic diplômé 2018
Anaïs-Tohé Commaret diplômée 2019
Mara Fortunatovic diplômée 2013
Wenqian Gao diplômée 2019 
Kealan Lambert diplômé 2012
Margaux Lelièvre diplômée 2019
Antoine Liebaert diplômé 2014  
Rayane Mcirdi diplômé 2019 
Gabriel Moraes Aquino diplômé 2020
Lucie Planty diplômée 2016
Lola Roiné diplômée 2017 
Laure Tiberghien diplômée 2016