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Gide 2020

Artistic project in partnership with Gide

For the second consecutive year, Gide organised a call for artistic projects for Beaux-Arts de Paris students and DNSAP 2017,18,18 and 20 graduates. The aim was to design 3 short films to be shown on the 3 large vertical Led screens (240 x 120 cm) at the law firm's head office.



The jury met on 8 December and was made up of numerous representatives of Gide (the project was very motivating internally), the Beaux-Arts de Paris and Caroline Bourgeois, curator at the Pinault Collection.

The 4 winners are :

  • Emile Copello, graduate 2019
  • Shengqi Kong, graduate 2018
  • Daniel Nikolaevsky Maria, graduate 2019
  • Alzabeta Wolfova, Grade 5

Their works will be exhibited at Gide's head office from January 2021, at a rate of 3 months for each artist. Through its Gide ProBono endowment fund, Gide is also a patron of Via Ferrata, the social preparatory class for the Beaux-Arts de Paris.



Photo credit : ADAGP / Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria