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Bahar Kocabey, Hush hush hush, papa sleeping

Bahar Kocabey, Hush hush hush, daddy sleeping

Bahar Kocabey

Hush hush hush, daddy sleeping


As part of a collaboration between the Pernod Ricard Foundation and the Beaux-Arts de Paris, Bahar Kocabey, a 3rd year Marie José Burki studio student, is participating in the "L'Avancée" program with her work Hush hush hush, papa sleeping, a portrait of a father who has just fallen asleep after cutting up apples to dry in the sun.


Located in the heart of the café-library of the new Pernod Ricard Foundation, l'Avancée is a hanging space dedicated to emerging artists, a way to extend the exhibition space into the living space.


Each month, until July 2022, a work will be presented and the artist will accompany his or her hanging with an exchange with the public.


As a 3rd year student at the Burki studio, Bahar Kocabey's visual practice focuses on portraiture and pattern through drawing, painting and ceramics.

These devices allow her to evoke a narrative and to highlight a culture  often thought of as subaltern to other cultures. To do so, she relies in particular on Engin Sustam's definition of "Kurdish subalternity."



Practical Information

Opening on Thursday, April 14.
April 14 to May 7

1, cours Paul Ricard
75008 Paris