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Biennale de Gravure de Sarcelles

Biennial of Engraving of Sarcelles

Caroline Culcasi, Morgane Ely, Alexis Gavriloff, Elina Huneman, Lise Leloutre, Zélie Nguyen, Olga Sabko, Lucile Soussan, Léa Toutain, Evane Wilcokson and Misha Zalvanyi, are taking part in the 20th edition of the Sarcelles International Print Biennial, responding to the invitation of Jean-Pierre Tanguy, honorary professor of the engraving workshop of the Beaux-Arts de Paris and Jean-Paul Le Provost, painter and engraver, former Director of the Janine Haddad School of Art, curators of the event. Project coordinated by Aurélie Pagès.


20th edition of the International Printmaking Biennial of Sarcelles

From November 27 to December 12


The City of Sarcelles and its Janine Haddad Art School with the support of the Ministry of Culture present, from November 27 to December 12, the 20th edition of the Sarcelles International Print Biennial. Eaux-fortes, burins, aquatints in black and white or in colour, more than 450 works by 250 artists from 34 countries will be exhibited to the French public for the first time. Among the highlights, the honouring of printmakers from the Mediterranean basin, the unprecedented presentation of 19 works by the Algerian Rachid Koraïchi, as well as a carte blanche to Canada, Colombia, India, Japan, Poland and Slovakia. Around the 1,000 m2 exhibition, the Biennial also offers guided tours, conferences, workshop visits and demonstrations for all audiences. Enough to show and experience all the vitality of contemporary engraving and the richness of an art that has been constantly evolving since the first trace left by prehistoric man. The event is free.


Practical information


Biennale Internationale de la Gravure de Sarcelles

From 27 November to 12 December 2021


The engravers of the Mediterranean basin honored

Guest artist of honour: Rachid Koraïchi


34 countries represented, 250 artists, 450 prints,

Eau-forte, burin, aquatint in black and white or color


Exhibition, lectures, workshop visits, demonstrations

An event under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture


Vernissage on Saturday 27 November 2021 at 6pm at the Village de la Gravure

5 route de Garges - 95200 Sarcelles (village)