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From February 3 to 14, 2021, the Beaux-Arts de Paris launched CRUSH.


An exhibition for art professionals revealing some forty students in the course of their studies selected by three guest curators: Gaël Charbau, an art critic and independent curator, Xavier Franceschi, the Director of the FRAC Ile-de-France and Céline Poulin, the Director of the CAC Brétigny.


Love at first sight guaranteed!


Gaël Charbau, Xavier Franceschi and Céline Poulin, invited since last autumn to discover the work of the Beaux-Arts de Paris students, have selected 44 candidates to be exhibited in the glass courtyard of the Palais des Études. This exhibition is an opportunity to reveal the work of the School's young artists to art professionals, galleries, critics, curators and directors of institutions. All artistic practices are represented: painting, drawing and sculpture, but also performance, video and photography.

Stage design: Chloé Redelinger and William Solis, students of the École nationale supérieure d'architecture Paris-Malaquais, participants in the seminar L'entour, histoire et technique de la scénographie d'exposition.



(for professionals only)


Rubis Mécénat and Catherine & Mamadou-Abou Sarr awards

On the occasion of CRUSH, Rubis Mécénat and Catherine and Mamadou-Abou Sarr, patrons of this event, wished to reaffirm their support for the young creation. A production assistance and an exhibition as well as three prizes and a residency were created to reward the talent of our students.


After deliberation by the jury, Dhewadi Hadjab, a painter in his 4th year at the Tim Eitel studio, was awarded a grant of €5,000 by Rubis Mécénat, as well as up to €20,000 for the production of a large diptych that will be exhibited at the Saint-Eustache church in the fall of 2021.


The Sarr prize-winning artists Pierre-Alexandre Savriacouty, Victoire Inchauspé and Pier Sparta will each receive an endowment of €5,000. Among them, Pierre-Alexandre Savriacouty also benefits from a one-month residency at Villa Chicago, an initiative of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States. Endowed with $4,000, this research and creation residency will culminate in an exhibition in Chicago. 


Selected students

César AKLI KACI, 5th year, Anne Rochette workshop
Lara AL-GUBORY, 5th year, workshop Patrick Faigenbaum
Carl AMIARD, 3rd year, workshop Julien Sirjacq
Antoine ANTÉ, 2nd year, workshop Ann Veronica Janssens & Hicham Berrada
Parisa BABAEI, 5th year, Guillaume Paris workshop
Hugo BONNET, 3rd year, workshop Julien Sirjacq
Jules BOURBON, 4th year, workshop Clément Cogitore & Jean-Charles Hue
Solveig BURKHARD, 5th year, workshops Abraham Cruzvillegas and Patrick Faigenbaum
Mona CARA, 4th year, Anne Rochette workshop
Zhexiang CHEN, 4th year, workshop Marie José Burki
Liu CHONGYAN, 4th year, workshop Clément Cogitore & Jean-Charles Hue
Béryl COULOMBIÉ, 4th year, workshop Aurélie Pagès
Max COULON, 5th year, Anne Rochette workshop
Paul CURTI, 4th year, workshop François Boisrond
Jérémie DANON, 4th year, workshop Clément Cogitore & Jean-Charles Hue
Clément ERHARDY, Grade 5, Abraham Cruzvillegas workshop
Anaïs FONTANGES, 3rd year, Hélène Delprat workshop
Etienne GAYARD, 4th year, workshop Tatiana Trouvé
Juliette GREEN, 5th year, Hélène Delprat workshop
Dhewadi HADJAB, 4th year, Tim Eitel workshop
Sami HAJ-CHEHADE, 2nd year, workshop Aurélie Pagès
Ninon HIVERT, Grade 5, Dominique Figarella
Victoire INCHAUSPÉ, 4th year, workshop Pascale Marthine Tayou
Mario JARWA, 4th year, workshops Tim Eitel and Anne Rochette
Dora JERIDI, 4th year, Djamel Tatah workshop
Marie JOHANNOT, 4th year, Abraham Cruzvillegas workshop
Sarah KONTÉ, 4th year, Angelica Mesiti workshop
Pablo LACOSTE, 2nd year, workshop Nina Childress
Maïa LACOUSTILLE, 5th year, Dominique Figarella workshop
Romain LANDI, 4th year, Claude Closky workshop
Matteo MAGNANT, 4th year, Anne Rochette workshop
Molten_c0re (Lucas HADJAM and Baptiste PEROTIN), 5th year, Hélène Delprat and Guillaume Paris workshops
Sarah MONTET, 5th year, Guillaume Paris workshop
Rafael MORENO, 5th year, Marie José Burki workshop
Théo PALL, 4th year, workshop Julien Sirjacq
Valentin RANGER, 3rd year, workshops Tatiana Trouvé and Angelica Mesiti
Sophie ROGG, 5th year, Guillaume Paris workshop
Swann RONNÉ, 5th year, Dominique Figarella Workshop
Mathilde ROSSELLO ROCHET, 4th year, Stéphane Calais workshop
Pierre-Alexandre SAVRIACOUTY, 4th year, workshop Dominique Figarella
Sequoia SCAVULLO, 5th year, workshop Nina Childress
Pier SPARTA, 5th year, Tatiana Workshop Found
Alejandro VILLABONA, 4th year, workshop Dominique Figarella
Mao YUQIU, 4th year, workshop Guillaume Paris