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CRUSH 2022

In 2022, the Beaux-Arts de Paris are offering the 2nd edition of CRUSH.


An exhibition aimed at art professionals revealing more than forty students selected by three guest curators: Alexia Fabre, chief curator and director of the MAC/VAL, museum of contemporary art in the Val de Marne, Audrey Illouz, art critic and independent curator and Cristiano Raimondi, independent curator.


If you are a professional, you can register here


Alexia Fabre, Audrey Illouz and Cristiano Raimondi, who have been invited since last fall to discover the work of students from the Beaux-Arts de Paris, have selected 45 candidates to be exhibited in the glass courtyard of the Palais des Études. This exhibition is an opportunity to reveal the creation of young artists from the School to art professionals, galleries, critics, curators and directors of institutions. All artistic practices are represented: painting, drawing and sculpture but also performance, video and photography. Scenography: Christiano Raimondi and students from the École nationale supérieure d'architecture Paris-Malaquais, participants in the seminar L'entour, histoire et technique de la scénographie d'exposition.


Scenography: Cristiano Raimondi assisted by Julien Rodier, with Chloé Redelinger, Charlotte Vermeulen, Lina Diouri, Paola Majdalani, Paula Manuel Rubio and Syedha Hoosna Mohamed Kamaludeen, students at the Ecole nationale supérieure Paris-Malaquais

Scenography created with the support of the Bredin Prat Endowment Fund for Contemporary Art.


On the occasion of Crush, three partners: Rubis Mécénat, patron of this exhibition, Catherine and Mamadou- Abou Sarr and this year Lefranc-Bourgeois, wished to reaffirm their support for young creation. Production aid, acquisitions by a major private collection, a research residency at the Villa Albertine and an endowment in kind (fine arts products) will be awarded by these three partners to five winners, to reward the talent of our students. The prizes will be awarded by professional juries.


Prize winners :

Rubis Patronage Prize
After deliberation by the jury, Hélène JANICOT, a student in her 4th year at the Hélène Delprat and Ann Veronica Janssens workshops, is awarded an endowment of €7,000, as well as a grant of up to €20,000 for the production of a work designed especially for the Saint-Eustache church, to be presented in autumn 2022.  It also benefits from critical and curatorial support, with one of the three Crush curators specially recruited by Rubis Mécénat for the operation (Audrey Illouz in 2022).

Sarr Prize
The winning artists, Abdelhak BENALLOU, Jérémie DANON and Sofía SALAZAR ROSALES, each receive an endowment of €5,000. Among them, Abdelhak BENALLOU will also benefit from a one-month research residency in Chicago worth $8,000 with the Villa Albertine, a networked cultural institution serving the arts and ideas.

Lefranc-Bourgeois Prize
For more than 300 years, Lefranc-Bourgeois has been accompanying artists, innovating and committing itself to make their creativity shine. Rayan YASMINEH, a student in his 5th year at the Djamel Tatah workshop, is the winner of this new prize and receives a donation of products and technical advice worth €2,500.



Selected Students

Caroline AILLERET, 3rd year, Nathalie Talec workshop
Anaïs BALU-EMANE, 4th year, Guillaume Paris workshop
Marika BELLE, 5th year, Julien Prévieux and Clément Cogitore workshops
Abdelhak BENALLOU, 4th year, Stéphane Calais workshop
Mathias BENSIMON, 5th year, Ann Veronica Janssens workshop
Margot BERNARD, 3rd year, atelier Dove Allouche
Zoé BERNARDI, 3rd year, Clément Cogitore, Patrick Faigenbaum and Hélène Delprat workshops
Joséphine BERTHOU, 4th year, Clément Cogitore workshop
Jade BOUDET, 3rd year, Julien Sirjacq and Clément Cogitore workshops
Jérémie DANON, 5th year, Julien Sirjacq workshop
Anna DE CASTRO BARBOSA, 3rd year, Ann Veronica Janssens and Julien Creuzet workshops
Carolina DE LA ROCHE, 2nd year, Nina Childress workshop
Alessandro DI LORENZO, 4th year, workshop Petrit Halilaj & Alvaro Urbano
Pauline-Rose DUMAS, 5th year, Tatiana Trouvé workshop
Myriame EL KHAWAGA, 5th grade, Tatiana Trouvé workshop
Daniel GALICIA, 5th year, Emmanuelle Huynh workshop
Adrian GELLER, 4th year, Petrit Halilaj & Alvaro Urbano workshop
Arthur GUESPIN, 5th year, Tatiana Trouvé workshop
Julien HEINTZ, grade 4, James Rielly studio
Victoire INCHAUSPÉ, 5th year, Pascale Marthine Tayou workshop
Hélène JANICOT, 4th year, Hélène Delprat workshop
Nino KAPANADZE, 4th year, Stéphane Calais workshop
Nicolas KYRILLOU, 4th year, Marie José Burki workshop
Paul LAFORGE, 4th year, Hélène Delprat workshop
Romain LANDI, 5th year, Dominique Figarella workshop
Keanu LEBON, 4th year, Bojan Sarcevic workshop
Louise LE PAPE, 4th year, Marie José Burki workshop
Olivier LEPRONT, 4th year, Nina Childress workshop
Puqi LIU, grade 5, Julien Prévieux workshop
Raphaël MAMAN, 5th grade, Tatiana Trouvé workshop
Jullian MARQUES, 3rd year, Djamel Tatah workshop
Enzo MEGLIO, 5th year, Stéphane Calais workshop
Charles MORNAUD, grade 4, Tatiana Trouvé workshop
Elise NGUYEN QUOC, 4th year, Dominique Figarella workshop
NICOLE, 3rd year, Petrit Halilaj & Alvaro Urbano workshop
Yacine OUELHADJ, 3rd year, Stéphane Calais workshop
Caroline RAMBAUD, 3rd year, Julien Sirjacq and Julien Prévieux workshops
Paul ROUGE, 4th year, Dominique Figarella workshop
Sofía SALAZAR ROSALES, 4th year, workshops Tatiana Trouvé and Petrit Halilaj & Alvaro Urbano
Charlotte SIMONNET, 2nd year, Tatiana Trouvé workshop
Isadora SOARES BELLETTI, 3rd year, Angelica Mesiti and Petrit Halilaj & Alvaro Urbano workshops
Loïs SZYMCZAK, grade 4, Pascale Marthine Tayou workshop
Bruna VETTORI, grade 5, Claude Closky and Guillaume Paris workshops
Alejandro VILLABONA, grade 5, Dominique Figarella studio
Rayan YASMINEH, 5th grade, Djamel Tatah workshop




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