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soutien à l'Ukraine

Defend Ukraine

Update of July 08, 2022


This is the number of young artists from Ukraine that the School will welcome in 2022. The admission will be done in September in the first year of study.  The reception of refugee artists will be accompanied by a reinforcement of the Herodotus program from the beginning of the 2022 school year.

The Beaux-Arts de Paris will benefit from the aid provided by the Ministry of Culture and the support of the Friends of the Beaux-Arts de Paris of 15,000 euros.


Update of March 15, 2022


BeauxArts de Paris condemns the attack on Ukraine and wishes to show deep support for the Ukrainian people.


The school is currently setting up, in consultation with others higher schools, measures to help and support Ukrainian students and artists.



Download the welcome booklet in France for displaced persons from Ukraine