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Entre tes yeux et les images que j'y vois

Entre tes yeux et les images que j'y vois* (un choix sentimental)

Group show with Jean Claracq, 2017 graduate; Cecilia Granara 2020 graduate; Miryam Haddad, 2017 graduate; Nathanaëlle Herbelin, 2016 graduate; Simon Martin, 2017 graduate; Madeleine Roger-Lacan, 2018 graduate; Christine Safa, 2018 graduate; Elene Shatberashvili, 2019 graduate; Apolonia Sokol, 2015 graduate


Entre tes yeux et les images que j'y vois* (un choix sentimental)

A group of artists looking at each other and talking to each other is a lifelong phenomenon. What gave us the desire to bring these nine painters together, and to continue a series of exhibitions initiated in 2019, is to question how forms come about today, not only in the solitude of the studio, but also through looks, words or affinities. They have in common a practice of painting where images have their place. In their paintings, they assume their emotions and their pleasures, their desires and their claims, carried by a humanity devoid of cynicism. What binds them together is also their shared life, the organic and fluid relationships they have with each other. They are a portrait of a generation.


Curator Anaël Pigeat and Sophie Vigourous


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From April 12, 2022 to June 11, 2022

Pernod Ricard Foundation

1 cours Paul Ricard

75008 Paris