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Frederik Exner

Frederik Exner at the Pernod Ricard Foundation

Frederik Exner

slit it, slit it

shed it, shed it

rip it, rip-it



As part of a collaboration between the Pernod Ricard Foundation and the Beaux-Arts de Paris, Frederik Exner, a student in his 3rd year at the Tatiana Trouvé studio, is participating in the "L'Avancée" programme with his work "slit it, slit it

shed it, shed it

rip it, rip-it



Located in the heart of the café-library of the new Pernod Ricard Foundation, l'Avancée is a hanging space dedicated to emerging artists, a way of extending the exhibition space into the living space.

Every month, until July 2022, a work will be presented and the artist will accompany his or her display with an exchange with the public.

Frederik Exner is a 3rd year student at the Atelier Trouvé. His work is figurative sculpture in various materials. Images, whether painted, sculpted or even sculptural, are essential in his work, and they take precedence over questions of space, form and material.


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Until 4 June

1, cours Paul Ricard

75008 Paris


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