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Appel à Communication : Journée jeunes chercheuses et chercheurs

A new Reg-Arts on Beaux-Arts de Paris

A New Reg-Arts on Beaux-Arts de Paris (19th-20th centuries)

Young Scholars day


Study day on June 27, 2022 organized by Beaux-Arts de Paris, the École du Louvre, the Institut national d'histoire de l'art, and the CNRS, in association with the research program (History of Pedagogy of Artistic Creation (HPCA) of the École nationale des chartes.


Young researchers working on the École des beaux-arts, come forward!


This study day aims to establish a first inventory of the work of young researchers on the history of the School. It is organized on the occasion of the launch of the Reg-Arts project, which should, by 2024, provide access to the registration register of the École's painting and sculpting students from the early nineteenth century to 1968 in a database that will make it possible to cross-reference information of a social, geographical, or educational nature.


This database is intended to contribute to the renewal of the history of the Beaux-Arts de Paris, which has been able, for several years, to benefit from the development of studies devoted to the history of the pedagogy of artistic creation and from developments in art historical research, which has opened up to questions of gender, globalization, race, and otherness, as well as to political, social, or economic considerations.


The aim is to bring together and give visibility to work done by young researchers contributing to the enrichment and renewal of methodological approaches, touching closely or distantly on the history of the School. They can thus, for example, deal with the institution itself, but also simply cross it by approaching the various personalities linked to the School such as teachers, students or other groups of artists, or deal with teaching and transmission, practices within the workshops, the history of artistic pedagogy as well as the daily life of artists.


This day will not, however, retain contributions that focus exclusively on the School's collections, students in the architecture section, or the history of building, unless these topics directly illuminate the training of painters and sculptors at the School.


Programme of the study day