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Neuf grands dessins d'architecture de collections présentés au Louvre

Nine major architectural drawings from the collections presented at the Louvre

From September 30, 2021, nine large architectural drawings, consignments from Rome, from the Beaux-Arts de Paris drawing collection are presented within the exhibition at the Louvre Museum. 

They illustrate the taste of young architects for Greek archaeology at the end of the 19th century. Executed by boarders of the Académie de France in Rome, these monumental works - up to 4 meters long - offer surveys or restitutions of famous ancient Greek sites. Delos, Eleusis, Delphi, and the Parthenon come to life again in these watercolors teeming with detail, thanks to the imagination and virtuosity of the artists. 


Paris-Athens : Birth of Modern Greece 1675 - 1919

Louvre Museum
September 30, 2021 to February 7, 2022



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