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Partenariat – Université des Arts de Tirana, Albanie

Partnership - University of Arts of Tirana, Albania

Following a call for applications to develop cooperation with the Balkan countries, launched by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and supported by the Solidarity Fund for Innovative Projects, the Beaux-Arts de Paris proposed a project with the University of Arts of Tirana


The project, which was selected by the Ministry during the summer, will allow the two institutions to develop and determine a relevant partnership framework, based on the themes carried by the institutions. The goal is to propose collaborative intercultural artistic projects and new mobility opportunities for students, starting in September 2022. 


Three key moments will punctuate this project during the 2021-22 academic year. In the first semester, meetings will be organized virtually with the management and administrative teams of both institutions, and in the second semester, on-site visits will be organized. Great exchanges are in store!



Photo Credit:  InaMyrtollari - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0