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Performance - Marc Lohner x Saint Eustache

Performance LUMEN - Marc Lohner x Saint Eustache

As part of Marc Lohner's Acheiropoiètes installation at Saint-Eustache church, the artist presents a musical performance for symphony organ, choir organ, clay horns and "elechtonic" bell. 
Acheiropoiètes, a Greek term meaning "not made by the hand of man", is a project that originated in the heart of Saint-Eustache, as close as possible to the marks that time has etched into the architecture. In the same way, Lumen was born in this very church: the spiritual radiance, the spatial dimension and the way in which light diffuses have inspired its composition.

Thibaut Kerbrat - Electonic bell / Clay horn
Thomas Lefevre - Clay horn
Marc Lohner - Clay horn
Pierre Pradier - Choir organ / Clay horn
Raphael Willenbrock - Symphonic organ / Clay horn

Marc Lohner
Marc Lohner was born in 1993 in Izmir, Turkey. He entered the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2016, after obtaining a degree in film and audiovisual studies at the Université de Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle. During his studies, he spent seven months on exchange in the sculpture department of the Musashino University of the Arts in Tokyo. In 2023, he graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Paris (DNSAP) with honours. Rooted in collective mythological history, his work involves defining new tools for accessing different planes of reality.

Rubis Mécénat and the Beaux-Arts de Paris
As part of its commitment to emerging contemporary art, Rubis Mécénat supports the professional development of students at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. Since 2021, the Prix Rubis Mécénat has enabled one artist each year to imagine and design a work for the church of Saint-Eustache, with the critical guidance of an exhibition curator.

Practical information

Friday 8 December at 7.30pm
Wednesday 13 December at 2pm

Musical piece for symphonic organ, choir organ,
clay horns and "elechtonic" bell
Duration: 30 min - Free admission

Exhibition until 20 December 2023
Free admission

Saint-Eustache Church - 75001 Paris


Photo credit: Marc Lohner, Acheiropoïètes, Beaux-Arts de Paris, courtesy Rubis Mécénat, Église Saint-Eustache, 2023. Photo Instant Prod