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Speed Dating

Speed Dating from Childress Workshop

On January 15, the Childress workshop exhibited in the right and left galleries the latest productions of the students present at the School.


12 diptychs, that is 12 pairs of images that meet like for a speed dating.

We tried to constitute these pairs as works for two, created a posteriori.

An alignment from the bottom of the paintings, engravings and prints offers a serene setting for the encounter,

like a coffee table, a bench, a beach.


With the works of : 

Louis Lanne 

Pink Angel 

Pablo Lacoste 

Lou Olmos-Arsenne 

Gabrielle Simonpietri

Mia Brenguier

Léa Simhony 

Samya monk

Rose Ras 

Juliette Barthe 

Morgane Ely

Blair Ekleberry 

Marius Buet 

Anna Ditscherlein 

Arnaud adami