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TEMPS Z : 6 artistes des Beaux-Arts de Paris à l’honneur

TEMPS Z: 6 artists from the Beaux-Arts de Paris in the spotlight

Lucie Antoinette, Joséphine Berthou, Thibault Hiss, Nina Jayasuriya, Nicolas Kyrillou and Sehyoung Lee, winners of the first edition of "Mennour Emergence".

"Mennour Emergence" is a new programme launched by the Institut Mennour to support young artists at the start of their careers.

For this first edition, the call for applications was addressed to 2023 graduates of the Beaux-Arts de Paris. It was enthusiastically received, with around fifty applications received.  

A committee made up of professionals renowned for their commitment to emerging art: Anna Labouze and Keimis Henni from Artagon, Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel from Lafayette Anticipations, Armelle Pradalier from Beaux-Arts de Paris, as well as Christian Alandete, Jessy Mansuy and Sylvie Patry, and chaired by Kamel Mennour, had the task of choosing six winners from among exceptional talent.

This first edition gave rise to the group exhibition "Temps Z", curated by Christian Alandete, which brought together the multidisciplinary practices of these six artists:

  • Lucie Antoinette. From her photographs, she paints aquatic, terrestrial and celestial landscapes, and dreamlike visions of nature.

  • Joséphine Berthou. Inspired by encounters with strangers and their environment, her films and installations mix documentary, fiction and music.

  • Thibault Hiss. Thibault Hiss's sculptural work is a hybrid. His fables are methodically assembled using industrial objects and materials.

  • Nina Jayasuriya. Through ceramics, oil painting and tattooing, she archives images that pay homage to the link between the profane and the sacred.

  • Nicolas Kyrillou. Taking as his starting point the buffer zone that divides Cyprus in two, he explores the memory of territories through video and sculpture.

  • Sehyoung Lee. Through performance, installation and poetry, he explores the indeterminate point of intersection between his body, where he comes from and the space he inhabits.


Du 22 février au 30 mars 2024
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