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Tourne Sol – WE LOVE GREEN 2024

Tourne Sol – WE LOVE GREEN 2024

At the invitation of WE LOVE GREEN, students from the 'Fresco & Art in Situation' course at the Beaux-Arts de Paris are presenting a series of installations, sculptures and performances at the festival.
Drawing on the history of funfairs, rave parties and parks and forests, Tourne sol is a caroussel-cadran housing five chimeric creatures: a shamanic scarecrow, a strangling fig tree, a spiral shell, a media chimera and a mysterious beehive. All created in raw wicker, they are also linked together by a string of lights.
The rhythm of their rotation reflects the weather, the succession of WE LOVE GREEN concerts and the various student performances. A sculpted wooden horizontal axis sets the structure in motion, and is accompanied by a poetic textile environment. 
Nearby, the 'FOMO Club' is a tribute to the rave culture of the 1990s: ten legendary flyers from that pioneering era have been recomposed and reprinted analogically. Each print is unique and is being offered to 1,500 members of the WE LOVE GREEN audience.

Project created by students: Yassin Bouzid, Elvire Cheviron, Hanna Lee, Sehaj Malik, Léo Marybrasse, Sojung Moon, Yacine Ouelhadj, Mara Thévenet and Misha Zavalny.
Guest artists: Nicolas Schneider and Lucie Devoille

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from 31 May to 2 June
Bois de Vincennes