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Tout est là, mais où sommes-nous ?

Tout est là, mais où sommes-nous ?

Students from Julien Sirjacq's studio at the Beaux-Arts de Paris are invited to take over the space of the Gallery as part of the exhibition cycle "La Construction du Champ".


For part #4 of this cycle, the artists question our relationship to the world and to others, the way we show ourselves and our modes of relationship. From their own identities and experiences, biographies and fictions intersect to construct new narratives of reality and update, in this sense, the link between the individual and the collective.


With : Margot Bernard, Hugo Bonnet, Jade Boudet, Emma Boudon, Yücegül Cirak, Joseph de Lapaillone, Caroline Delhom, Tiziano Foucault-Gini, Marius Fouquet, Guy Jalap, Lane Heatherington, Simon Juillard-Marchay, Feryel Kaabeche, Théo Pall, Caroline Rambaud, Simon Sabotier, Evane Wilcockson and Leto William.


Curator: Daniel Purroy,

assisted by Mathilda Portoghese and Sarah Nasla


Practical information :

September 23 - October 16
Opening on September 23 from 6 pm


59, av. Guy-Môquet
94400 Vitry-sur-Seine