visuel oeuvre
Autoportrait, 1957, tirage argentique d’époque sur papier brillant, 10,5 x 7 cm, Ph 25056



Pierre MOLINIER (Agen, 1900 - Bordeaux, 1976)
Self-portrait, 1957, original silver print on glossy paper, 10.5 x 7 cm, Ph 25056

Pierre Molinier, who confessed to three passions, "painting, girls and guns", sees his work mainly collected today for his photographs, which take the invention of the self to its paroxysm. Circulate under the most varied forms of a mental and physical onanism, the equivalence of the demultiplied kinds in a person, their irresistible attraction and their communion.

"During more than fifteen years, Molinier multiplied the self-portraits in all the possible transvestites. In contrast, he has devoted only one session in which he manages to give an image of himself as a sophisticated, glamorous "pretty little woman". The image exists in the usual three poses, standing, sitting, and three-quarter view. "

This photograph joins and complements the self-portrait acquired in 2019, a photomontage of Molinier as a hermaphrodite, known as "Standing Self-Portrait, The Flower of Paradise or The Magic Girl."