Camille Morineau


Thursday 10 December

6:00pm - 6:00pm


Instagram Beaux-Arts de Paris


Heritage curator and art historian specializing in women artists, Camille Morineau is co-founder and director of AWARE: Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions. Founded in 2014 based on the observation that women are under-represented, if not totally absent, in art works, exhibitions and museum collections, AWARE's mission is to contribute to making them visible through the creation, indexing and dissemination of information on women artists of the 20th century.


A graduate of the École normale supérieure and the Institut national du patrimoine, and a teacher at the Ecole du Louvre, Camille Morineau worked for 20 years in public cultural institutions in France. She has just been appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ecole du Louvre by decree of the President of the Republic dated 9 November 2020.


She talks to Alain Berland about the visibility of women artists.


With the support of Société Générale.
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Photo credit: Valérie Archeno