Chaire Habiter le Paysage avec Laurent Tillon

Wednesday 17 November 2021

7:00pm - 8:00pm

Amphithéâtre des Loges

14 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris


"Trees in paintings: what do they tell us about their history?"

Trees are in many works the backdrop for scenes telling stories of men and women. Yet their forms and status illustrate situations that the naturalist can interpret. A tree takes its place with regard to its environment, the presence of other trees nearby, and a whole host of species with which it interacts, and the management operated on the site that has hosted it since its earliest years. But do we pay attention when an artist develops a situation in which he tells the life of men? Yet, would this scene have had the same flavour in another setting than the one giving all its place to trees? What view do the trees, simple elements of scenery, offer on the event that is played out in the proposed work? This is what Laurent Tillon approaches through his naturalist and forestry eye: what must have been the life of the trees painted in some of his works?


Dialogue with Estelle Zhong Mengual, coordinator of the Chair "Inhabiting the Landscape: art in search of life". 



With the support of Christian Dior Parfums.

Photo credit: rights reserved
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