Dust: The Plates of the present


Thursday 29 October 2020

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Amphi des Loges

14 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris


A round table discussion on the collective projects initiated by the artists of the photogram project and the exhibition Dust: the plates of the present at the Centre Pompidou, Paris (October 19, 2020 - March 1, 2021), co-founded by artist Thomas Fougeirol and artist/curator Jo-ey Tang.

Dust: The Plates of the present is a collective photographic archive, created between 2013 and 2018 on the initiative of the French painter Thomas Fougeirol and the Hong Kong-born American artist/curator Jo-ey Tang. The latter invited 136 artists - visual artists, musicians, writers, graphic designers, video artists, of various nationalities, some in collaboration - to each produce a series of 8 photograms in an improvised darkroom, which they called DUST, in Ivry-sur-Seine. A large-scale collective building and producing a real-time archive, Dust: The Plates of the present pays homage to a disappearing form of image.

In 2019, Thomas Fougeirol and Jo-ey Tang donated the complete archive of Dust: The Plates of the present - 1031 photographs and a video - to the Musée national d'art moderne. This exceptional work is an important addition to the collection of the Musée national d'art moderne, where experimental photography plays an important role.

In this sense, Dust: The Plates of the present questions certain frontiers of the contemporary art world by questioning the notion of the author, in the pooling of resources, and by proposing an alternative collective mode. At a time when physical distancing imposes itself on everyone and calls into question, among other things, the modalities of artistic cooperation, this project appears as a powerful testimony to the possibilities of collective action and exchange.



Sergio Verastegui - More Projects, Paris

Hubert Marot - Shivers Only, Paris

Jean-Luc Blanc, Mimosa Echard - Turpentine, Paris

Mimosa Echard - Kombucha Project Center

Roxane Alaime - La Pause Residency, Marrakech

Lia Pradal & Camille Tallent - Païen, Paris

Simon Bernheim & Julien Sirjacq - The Bells Angels, Paris

Shanta Rao - Le Chalet, Paris

Antoine Donzeaud - exo exo, Paris

Joseph Imhauser - Lyeberry, Los Angeles

Nancy Brooks Brody, Joy Episalla, Carrie Yamaoka - fierce pussy, New York

Ben Dowell, Nathan Gwynne, Nicklaus Typaldos - DROOID5Z, New York

Anthony Miler - Marvin Gardens, Queens, New York

Chris Domenick - Gertrude, Stockbridge, Massachusetts



Due to the current health context, this cultural program "Penser le Présent" is only accessible to students of the Beaux-Arts de Paris.