Georges Aperghis et Nicolas Donin


Tuesday 6 April 2021

10:00am - 12:00pm


Facebook Live Beaux-Arts de Paris


Author of a prolix work since the 1970s, pioneer of "musical theater" associating musicians, actors and the public with his Atelier Théâtre et Musique (ATEM), Georges Aperghis is one of the cardinal figures of contemporary musical creation, recognized by numerous distinctions such as the Golden Lion of the Venice Music Biennale or the BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge prize.


When we present Aperghis, we most often emphasize his work on language, proceeding by combining phonemes beyond and below the meaning, as well as his ability to collectively construct astonishing multimedia shows - from Machinations in 2000 to Thinking Things in 2018, including Paysage sous surveillance after Heiner Müller (2002) or Avis de tempête after Herman Melville (2004). Less known is his anchorage in a multiple pictorial and cinematographic culture, nourished from childhood in Athens, then in the Parisian creative bubbling of the 1960s.


It is this visual stratum of Aperghis' aesthetic universe that two books in preparation are exploring, associating the composer with Nicolas Donin, musicologist at Ircam. Their two-voice conference will mobilize the iconography of these projects and will be punctuated with sounds, texts, and films, representing the different facets of Aperghis' activity.


In the framework of the chair « Supersonique : exposer, monter, habiter le son » in partnership with Ircam.