Jean-Christophe Bailly « Retour aux animaux »


Tuesday 24 November

2:00pm - 5:00pm


Facebook Live Beaux-Arts de Paris


As part of the Diagonal Philosophy coordinated by Clélia Zernik within the Chair of the Present Chair of Beaux-Arts de Paris, Jean-Christophe Bailly will evoke the importance of the animal presence in our understanding of the world.


Jean-Christophe Bailly is a writer. At the frontier of literary genres, his essays have precisely turned towards thresholds, limits, shifts, and deal with the animal world (Le versant animal, 2007, Le parti pris des animaux, 2013), photography (L'instant et son ombre, 2008), architecture, painting, landscapes, cities (Le Dépaysement, 2011).


Live from the Amphitheatre d'Honneur
Broadcast on Lifesize for students and on Facebook for the general public.
The video will be available D+7 on the networks and as a podcast on the Beaux-Arts de Paris application.