Sunday 13 November 2022

4:30pm - 6:30pm

Amphithéâtre de morphologie

14 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris


The Cercle Chromatique, the alumni association of the Beaux-Arts de Paris, invites Béatrice Duport and Stéphane Pichard to present their performance Correspondance.

A snapshot of a photographic conversation that has been developing since 2012, the Correspondance performance updates the dialogue of images that takes on an unexpected direction and meaning with each exchange. This project is thus a taste for the experience of the outside, the condition of an opening and takes shape with a double projection, which the artists Béatrice Duport and Stéphane Pichard activate in a contextual and specific way, in the morphology amphitheatre of the Beaux-Arts in Paris.


Moderated by Elisabeth Millon, art historian and director of the municipal art school of Vitry.