Restauration de la Chapelle

Restoration of the Chapel

To be funded


Remnant of the Petits-Augustins convent built under Anne of Austria, this chapel is the conservatory of Alexandre Lenoir's Museum of French Monuments, opened in 1795. For 15 years, as a scholar and art passer, he developed in this place, which was the second national museum after the Louvre, the basis for a reflection on the history of art and architecture by setting up a spectacular scenography that marked generations of artists, writers, architects and intellectuals.

A condensed history of sculpture in Europe from the 15th to the 17th century, the Chapel bears witness to the romantic vision of heritage that was characteristic of the 19th century. The splendid portal of the Château d'Anet by Philibert Delorme (16th century) has been placed on its façade. The interior contains a number of original sculptures from the 16th century and the Renaissance, and plaster casts of famous works: Sigalon's copy of Michelangelo's Last Judgment, the pulpit of Pisa Cathedral, the Colleone, an equestrian statue by Verrocchio and Leopardi, the original of which is installed in a Venetian piazza, Michelangelo's works for the Medici in the church of San Lorenzo in Florence, Michelangelo's Slaves...

A complete restoration of the interior and exterior sculpted decorations and paintings is planned.

The Last Judgment, one of the largest paintings preserved in France, is to undergo a complete restoration (support wall, frame, canvas and paint layer). This monumental work is of great symbolic power for art historians: commissioned in the nineteenth century to the young painter Sigalon, it became the emblem of the Romantics and saw the replay of the debate between supporters of academicism and those of the painting of passions, which had aroused its original creation by Michelangelo. 


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